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Just Keep on Dancin'

posted Sunday Apr 18, 2010 by Josh Henry

Just Keep on Dancin'

Flashback to last month when Ubisoft announced to the world that its fun-filled humiliation based game Just Dance had sold a cool 2 million copies world wide. Fast-forward to now, where based on data from the March NPD report, analyst Ben Schachter estimates that one million copies have been sold in the US alone between the game's November release and the end of March. Needless to say it's suprising to know that a lot of people out there have no shame in bustin' a move to the Trashmen's Surfin' Bird!

236,000 of those copies of Dance were purchased just last month in the US. In contrast, Ubisoft's new Wii release, Red Steel 2, sold only 50,000 copies. We look forward to the obvious knockoffs from other developers. Just for some example: Dancing Euphoria, You Can't Stop the Beat or who can forget Pump It... nevermind.


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