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Sony Entices Potential Consumers with a 3D Extravaganza

posted Sunday Apr 18, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Sony Entices Potential Consumers with a 3D Extravaganza

Sony has been on the forefront of 3D technology, from having part of their E3 presentation in 3D to the recently announced 2010 FIFA World Cup schedule. We know that Sony is supporting 3D gaming, too, and they are releasing an update for the PS3 for it to support 3D movies and games. We also plan to look out for the new line of Bravia 3DTVs, the HX803, releasing in June.

For some strange reason, however, many consumers aren't ready to bite the 3D bullet, mainly due to the fact most people purchased an HDTV just after the switch to digital television. These nonsupporting slackers of technology have caused Sony to try a new promotion. They are giving away a collection of four games to anyone who purchases a new 3D Bravia TV during launch week. The games are WipEout HD, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, Pain, and Super Stardust HD.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President Andrew House has this to say in a statement:

Sony is a clear leader in all aspects of 3D and this great promotion allows us to bring together the technological leadership of Sony's 3D TVs with stunning 3D stereoscopic gaming. Only Sony can deliver this breadth of 3D entertainment.

Europe is currently the only one promoting this deal, but I'm sure we'll see it announced over here in the States shortly. And I truly believe that Sony is the only company to deliver this properly, seeing as they have partnered with everybody in the business! ESPN, Comcast, FIFA, Toshiba and HP are all on board so far, so I can imagine the 3D superpower that Sony will become moving into next year.


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