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Adobe Scared of Apple Because Their Products Don't Flash?

posted Sunday Apr 11, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Adobe Scared of Apple Because Their Products Don't Flash?

Adobe knows Apple is so anti-flash that they could probably police Mardi Gras better than New Orleans' finest every year, but it seems we may have found a chink in their armor. Adobe has said in their latest quarterly SEC filing that they may be scared of Apple.

In their Risk Factors section of their 10-Q filing, they reported:

To the extent new releases of operating systems or other third-party products, platforms or devices, such as the Apple iPhone or iPad, make it more difficult for our products to perform, and our customers are persuaded to use alternative technologies, our business could be harmed.

It would only be right if we told you what the Risk Factors of these reports actually mean. All they truly represent are possible conditions and circumstances in the market, or with competitors, that, depending on what occurs, could have a direct or indirect impact on the company who stated them. A company can be as specific or as vague as a they want, and this time, Adobe has pointed the finger at the fruit.

Adobe is simply saying that because of the sheer volume of the not-so-smartphones and soon the not-so-useful-large-screen-devices they are going to lose market share due to the lack of Flash in them, including the newly announced iPhone OS 4.0.

It makes sense to me, and it also makes sense to Adobe group manager Adrian Ludwig, who said in a recent blog post:

There's something important missing from Apple's approach to connecting consumers to content" on the iPad... It looks like Apple is continuing to impose restrictions on their devices that limit both content publishers and consumers.

Obviously the limitation is Flash. We know that. But the weird thing is Apple knows that, too. After the announcement of iPhone OS 4.0, Steve Jobs was asked if there would be Flash on the iPhones or the iPad and he simply responded with, "Uh, no."

Well, Mr. Jobs, until you include Flash do you think real technology people are going to use Apple devices for real business application?

On a related note, Adobe platform fanatic Lee Brimelow has been very adamant about his position against Apple, going as far as to create a whole blog dedicated to saying "screw you" to Apple. Here's part of the blog post in regards to how each company looks at their developers (you know the rest.) Disclaimer: he is not a representative of the company.

Adobe and Apple has had a long relationship and each has helped the other get where they are today. The fact that Apple would make such a hostile and despicable move like this clearly shows the difference between our two companies. All we want is to provide creative professionals an avenue to deploy their work to as many devices as possible. We are not looking to kill anything or anyone. This would be like us putting something in our SDK to make it impossible for third-party editors like (Flash Development Tool) to work with our platform. I can tell you that we wouldn't even think or consider something like that.

True story, bro. What's worse is the first line: Adobe has made Apple who they are today, and this is the thanks they get? The funny part is the people at Apple are attacking Flash, when in reality, they should side with them and try to take out Silverlight. Instead, they complain about "the platform's performance." Maybe it's their new attempt with the iAd campaign, but that's more about attacking Google. I think Apple just has their lawsuits and hatreds all confused. I guess that happens when you try to sue the entire industry.


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