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Sony Finalizes First Ever Global 3D World Cup Schedule

posted Friday Apr 9, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Sony Finalizes First Ever Global 3D World Cup Schedule

Back in December I briefly mentioned Sony's announcement to take the FIFA World Cup to 3D, along with a brief overview on how they intended to do that. Well, this week brought more details for us to get excited about!

The original topic told us that North America would have to wait for the Blu-ray disc to see it in 3D, but Sony's press release (link is at the bottom) told us that our good friends over at ESPN are going to handle the good ol' US of A. Cable giant Sogecable was also announced to handle the broadcasts for Spain, and more partners are going to be named soon, and eight matches will also be televised in 3D cinemas around the world.

Sony also released which stadiums are going to be chosen for the 3D broadcasting. Out the ten being used for the World Cup, Soccer City, Ellis Park in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth have been selected, which means the England vs USA match in Rustenberg will not be in 3D. Sad face. The good news is that for each stadium there will be seven 3D camera positions - three above the pitch and four on pitch level, not to mention two "3D Outside Broadcast" trucks, which we can assume will be used to go back and forth between stadiums during big events and plays.

Niclas Ericson, Director of FIFA TV had this to say:

The 3D feed from these 25 matches will be made available for broadcast on 3D channels, which can be enjoyed by consumers on their 3D-compatible TV sets in the comfort of their home, almost as if they were in the football stadium themselves.

The good news is that we also have the 25 matches for you. They are:

1. June 11 16:00h RSA v MEX

2. June 12 16:00h ARG v NGA

3. June 13 20:30h GER v AUS

4. June 14 13:30h NED v DEN

5. June 15 20:30h BRA v PRK

6. June 16 16:00h ESP v SUI

7. June 17 13:30h ARG v KOR

8. June 18 16:00h SVN v USA

9. June 19 13:30h NED v JPN

10. June 20 20:30h BRA v CIV

11. June 21 20:30h ESP v HON

12. June 22 20:30h NGA v KOR

13. June 23 20:30h GHA v GER

14. June 24 16:00h SVK v ITA

15. June 25 16:00h POR v BRA

16. June 27 20:30h 1st B v 2nd A

17. June 28 16:00h 1st E v 2nd F

18. June 28 20:30h 1st G v 2nd H

19. July 2 20:30h Quarter finals

20. July 3 16:00h Quarter finals

21. July 3 20:30h Quarter finals

22. July 6 20:30h Semi finals

23. July 7 20:30h Semi finals

24. July 10 20:30h 3rd place match

25. July 11 20:30h Final

If you love the World Cup so much and don't have a 3DTV right now, don't worry, because the Blu-ray 3D disc will be available sometime this year, waiting for you to buy it with your new TV set. This will coincide with the Sony PlayStation 3 getting its ever-so-anticipated 3D upgrade around the same time as when they plan to launch their line of 3DTVs. By the way, all of this occurs in the month of June. June is going to be super exciting for everyone, including us! As the cast of the Super Smash Brothers Brigade would say, "foreshadowing!!!"


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