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Corporate IT Policies Violated on Purpose

posted Sunday Mar 14, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Corporate IT Policies Violated on Purpose

We are well aware that the largest problem in IT security is the employees in the company trying to work around established security protocols. We can safely accredit that fact to ID 10 T errors, not knowing the standards or IT admins not enforcing the policies. Well, that seems to not be the case as a poll has shown that 12% of corporate employees are well aware they violate IT rules and regulations in order to accomplish their jobs.

Fiberlink, a company who tries to "help enterprises connect, control and secure laptops and mobile devices," surveyed 1,347 employees for this poll, and we can't say the results surprised us. We know several people who has sent personal emails or instant messages on a work computer without permission or even used proxies to get to forbidden websites.

Fiblerlink's CEO Jim Sheward had this to say:

IT departments nationwide spend a lot of time and money on their compliance, usage, and access policies, but they only work if people follow the rules... Companies could face dangerous breaches that include the loss of sensitive data, competitive intelligence, or customers' private information.

Looks like IT admins have got their hands full with these types of people. Either that, or they need to make efforts to slightly accomodate this 12%. The latter probably won't happen as we know that employee leaks are a larger threat than malware and these same employees usually cause more corporate data loss. Do you know somebody who violates their IT policies at work? Comment this story!


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