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It Only Took Four Tries: iPhone Finally Getting Multitasking?

posted Sunday Mar 14, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

It Only Took Four Tries: iPhone Finally Getting Multitasking?

I was always curious as to why Apple lived seven years in the past when it comes to ideas (like getting MMS to work on a mobile device) but I think I have found the reason! It must be either they have a broken hot tub time machine, or they live in dog years. Either way, an exciting rumor has come from sources for AppleInsider, and it is that Apple is finally planning to include a task manager into the iPhone OS for version 4.0!

I know, you thought from all these new commercials that you already could multitask! Not so, my friend, as you can only do those things while you're on a call. Want to post a picture to Facebook while checking your mail? Sorry, no can do.

We've heard the reasons from Apple as to why they have limited this ability. They have stated it can run down the battery faster, lead to memory drain on the already constrained resources, and even protect you by not allowing malware to run in the background without the user noticing. How nice of them! Here's the facts: Apple has been limiting you to protect their overly-simplistic operating system. With a 600MHz processor, it should easily be able to compete with the PPC6700s of the past. Those devices were able to have six to ten processes open at anytime without issues. It comes down to the ability to optimize your operating system to be more than just a task launcher. Lastly, another reason they have the limitation is so that even non-tech savvy users could use the device. All of that leads to the exact reason not one person will call the iPhone a smartphone. Smartphones require some level of knowledge other than knowing that a computer turns on because it is magical. The iPhone as it stands right now, to put it simply, is for people who "just want the basics."

Hopefully the "full-on solution" that Apple claims to have will arrive soon. There's no details or further information on how it's going to be implemented. Don't forget that it took three tries for the iPhone to get MMS and a full copy-and-paste feature. They claim it's because they put a lot of thought into it, but again, devices over six years ago could accomplish the same tasks. Let the users run their batteries down if they so choose to not think about closing tasks. I'll take my several cards on my Palm Pre over limitations any day.


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