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New PS3 Home Add-ons!

posted Sunday Feb 21, 2010 by Josh Henry

New PS3 Home Add-ons!

Looks like Playstation Home just became about a million times more appealing to me versus Xbox Live. If you can't tell I am an enormous Star Wars fan and LucasArts has invaded PlayStation Home this week with a bunch of new virtual goods and a space to hang out in. Without all of the crime and sudden de-limbing that goes on in the Mos Eisley Cantina, the LucasArts storefront will offer patrons a safe environment to purchase virtual goods. Sorry, no power converters available, so it looks like you WILL have to go to Tosche station; just watch out for those Sand People. But it doesn't stop there! Looks like they are also adding some Indiana Jones add-ons for you striving archeologists out there.

Hit the break for the list of the new additions:

Yoda shirt (for male avatars)

Obi-Wan Kenobi shirt (for male and female avatars)

Jedi Order shirt (for male and female avatars)

Indiana Jones costume torso, pants, shoes

Indiana Jones costume hat, hair

Stormtrooper costume (for male and female avatars)

Imperial Officer costume (for male and female avatars)

Blue Lightsaber (for male and female avatars)

Jedi banner (for avatar personal space)

Sith banner (for avatar personal space)

Star Wars The Force Unleashed poster (for avatar personal space)

LucasArts promises more updates to come. It seems the more and more I read about what Sony is doing with the PS3, I want one more and more. If they give me the ability to dress up like Boba or Jango Fett, it looks like the PS3 just got themselves a new fanboy.


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