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I'm Giving Her All the Beta She's Got, Captain!

posted Saturday Jan 23, 2010 by Josh Henry

I'm Giving Her All the Beta She's Got, Captain!

On January 12th, Cryptic launched their Star Trek Online open beta in hopes of enticing gamers and Trekkies alike into buying their newly developed MMO based within the new J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Universe. The only problem is that they didn't think that their game would be so popular! It's a hard enough task to actually get the client downloaded but once you actually accomplish that feat you may not be able to log into the game because of the huge Trekkie population inhabiting it.

The developers said in a recent update:

The actual numbers crushed our predictions. So, we tore apart our logs and began doing a lot of extra optimization work even while we stumbled upon some truly bizarre crashes that can only appear with this sort of load.

Looks like the U.S.S. Cryptic is going to need to reroute all power to their servers and forget about their forward shields. I just find it funny that they didn't think this many people would want to play the game. I mean, this is Star Trek we are talking about here! Itís one of the biggest cultural phenomena of the century!


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