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Bending the Xbox 360

posted Saturday Jan 23, 2010 by Josh Henry

Bending the Xbox 360

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves demonstrated the power that the PS3 had in 2009, and this year it is time for Halo: Reach to show the consumer that the Xbox 360 can match last year's game of the year punch-for-punch. Whereas Halo 3: ODST was using a two year old graphics engine, Bungie has stated that Halo: Reach, its next shooter, is already "bending the Xbox as far as it'll bend."

We are ... taking every advantage of everything on the CPU and GPU, and every bit of memory in order to produce the look of Reach beyond anything of Halo 3.

Creative director Marcus Lehto noted, attributing the evolution -- which also benefits the size of environments and complexity of the AI -- to increased understanding of the hardware. "We're pushing it as far as we can go," Lehto said.

With every iteration we understand what more we can exploit with the hardware.

So it seems that we are seeing more and more evidence that this current console generation is here to stay and perhaps for a longer time than anticipated. I must admit though, after hearing this, I am actually excited to get Halo: Reach inside my console to see just how far the Xbox 360 is "bent".


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