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Iron Man 2... in... IMAX!

posted Sunday Jan 17, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Iron Man 2... in... IMAX!

Good thing Robert Downey Jr. didn't say "elementary, my dear Watson" in his latest movie, Sherlock Holmes. Now Scott and the rest of the PLuGHiTz crew can see Iron Man 2. Actually, they can see it in IMAX! How exciting!

We know that most of you were upset at the lack of a huge climax (that's what she said) at the end of Iron Man, but we think they have laid all the chips on the table with the sequel. With the addition of the War Machine, we think more explosions, fire, destruction and utter chaos is in order. So what better way than to look at a suave, debonair and charismatic man such as Downey Jr saving the world one more time than on a gigantic 72 foot screen? There isn't!

IMAX Corporation issued the press release earlier this week, stating that the epic sequel will carry a simultaneous run in IMAX on its May 7th release date. Granted, the execs on this film were pushing for IMAX since 2008, with dreams of 3D fizzling out in December.

Anyone surprised by this announcement, however, must be living under a rock. We're predicting every major comic book film to be carried on the enormo-screen in the coming years.


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