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HP's New Mini Laptop, Now with Touch!

posted Sunday Jan 10, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

HP's New Mini Laptop, Now with Touch!

HP is coming out with one of the coolest netbooks on the market! The HP Mini 5102, the newer version of the HP Mini 5101, is certainly something you may want to keep an eye out for. It is constructed of aluminum and magnesium alloy, which allows this netbook to hold up better than typical consumer netbooks, especially for business travelers. The touch pad is now similar to that of a laptop, equipped with the buttons under the touch surface, as opposed to the left and right. It is available in two sizes, 10" x 6" or 13" x 7", with a higher resolution of course. What so special about this netbook? It is available in touchscreen, which is not very common in netbook computers. Whether for business or pleasure, the HP Mini 5102 is a very good choice.


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