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Rumor Alert!

posted Sunday Jan 10, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Rumor Alert!

Sprint and LG have come out with the first touch screen LG Rumor phone. And no, this is not a Rumor (or a Rant or Rave.) A virtual keyboard appears on the 3" screen, but a pull-out full QWERTY keyboard is also included. The device is very thin despite the 5 row keyboard, with very convenient, easy to press, raised keys. The front of the phone includes 3 physical keys: back, home and call. The LG Rumor Touch also features a 3.5mm headset jack, a MicroSD card slot and a 2.0 Megapixel camera and camcorder. As with many Sprint phones, you will also have access to a music player, EVDO Rev.0, Sprint Music, Sprint TV, Facebook and Twitter. It will be released sometime in the first quarter and is expected to do very well.

Image credit: Engadget


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