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USB = Universal Solar Bus

posted Sunday Jan 10, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

USB = Universal Solar Bus

Regen has come out with an innovative new solar panel, nothing like you've seen before. Much smaller, thinner, and just all around better looking than your typical solar charger, the ReNu features an integrated battery, an indicator light on the rear side of the panel and a docking station allowing the device to be very user-friendly. The docking station not only displays the charge remaining but also tells you how much charge you've used throughout the week. Pretty cool huh? Although intended to be a home charging station, the solar panel is very easy to travel with and includes a suction cup to absorb solar energy right through your car window. The docking station is specifically designed for your iPod/ iPhone, but the panel comes equipped with a USB port that is able to charge a variety of devices. Wondering how you can save money on your electric bill? You'll have the solution by June of this year!


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