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IE's Tower Comes Crumbling Down

posted Sunday Jan 3, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

IE's Tower Comes Crumbling Down

Internet Explorer has been reigning the kingdom for years as the top browser, but their reign may be crumbling down. Browsers like Opera, Chrome, and Safari- which is most likely accredited to the increase in MacBook sales, are on the rise! All three have even set new personal records this past quarter. Microsoft Internet Explorer towers above the rest with 62.69% market share, but that number is expected to drop by mid year. It is projected to dip below 50%. This is good news for other Internet browsers out there, like Chrome, which has risen to 4.63%, making it the third most used browser out there. Internet Explorer, which comes equipped on every Windows based computer, better look out! Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are looking to climb to the top.


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