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Back For Round 4, the Nokia/ Apple Debacle Continues

posted Saturday Jan 2, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Back For Round 4, the Nokia/ Apple Debacle Continues

Looks like Apple and Nokia are back in the ring for round 4; ding, ding, ding. The original lawsuit, filed by Nokia, claimed that Apple infringed on ten, which is miniscule in their library of 11,000, of Nokia's patents. The problem with this lawsuit was, many patents include work from many companies, so the standards set in place, were not clear at all. Did Nokia even have authority to sue?

Well, Apple didn't think so. They decided to retaliate by countersuing Nokia for allegedly infringing on thirteen of their patents. Now the question was, does Apple have authority to countersue, or do they just have their panties in a bunch? Well now we come to round 4, and it looks like Nokia has been working on their moves. Leaving no room for Apple to get the upper hand, Nokia filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission, but not even relating to the original complaint. According to Nokia, Apple has infringed on at least one of seven specific patents, with "virtually all" of their products. This covers everything from cameras to antennas, and even user interfaces. Hmm!

What was the original argument even about? Apparently, this happens far too often, and you can bet we know what's going to happen next. Apples chimes in with a complaint of its own. Will this battle ever come to a resolution? It doesn't look likely.


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