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Soccer in 3D? Sony Says Yes

posted Sunday Dec 20, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

Soccer in 3D? Sony Says Yes

Every single manufacturer is putting their money on the pony named "3D" for 2010, hoping that the technology breaks out into a worldwide phenomenon. A company that is taking a vital step forward to making this a global catch-on is Sony. The tech giant is planning to broadcast 25 World Cup matches using their 3D cameras. If you're in North America and want to view them, you will have to wait until either the 3D Film or Blu-Ray discs come out shortly after the World Cup concludes (or by checking out the Sony Stores). But eager fans in seven other cities around the world will have a chance to attend a special viewing event in which the games will be displayed to make you feel like you're really "in the game" (right, EA?).

What does this mean for 3D? Well, if the World Cup AND Sony see it as a viable viewing media, one can only hope it takes off. Hopefully to space. Do you think 3D TV or Blu-Ray will be popular in the future? We want to know!


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