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How modest enterprises can give stronger impression

posted Saturday Jan 6, 2024 by Noel Arcallana

People often prefer security, wisdom, experience, and proven track record over other factors. For example, they tend to trust their money in large international banks with a long history of securing customer funds more than startup banks without any branches, even if the latter offers a useful secondary account. Similarly, most individuals would prefer to chart a flight helmed by a pilot with decades of experience compared to one who just qualified last week.

While novelty and plucky small beginnings can be inspiring, you can always look your best and remain credible using similar methods to how the larger businesses operate. In fact, with the advent of the online commercial sphere, many small companies use similar measures as the big boys.

In this article, we will discuss those strategies and offer tips that you can put in place today:

Showcase client testimonials and reviews

No matter what size your business is, most customers will look for online resources to see if you can be trusted. This gives an opportunity to be proactive in your messaging. From replying to public reviews with thanks, or ameliorating issues and complaints, if you're seen to be taking a distinct and focused stance towards managing public viewpoints and caring for what your customers have to say, that can help your firm look ten feet taller. As a customer, nothing compares to the feeling of having your concerns heard and your feedback acknowledged and valued.

Use chatbots to accelerate customer support

Is the customer always right? Well, yes in that they know how they'd like to spend, and no in that they may not always understand what that means. By integrating an AI chatbot for Shopify and other services, you make sure that repeat questions are answered carefully, that product recommendations can be made, and certain common complaints are addressed without the need for human interaction. That frees your support team time to focus on customers who really do need help, allowing you to direct your labor exactly where it needs to be.

Demonstrate expertise in your niche

You don't need to be a storied firm with decades of experience to have insights about your industry. Sharing your perspective and the lessons you've learned can help you become an authority more than any other business that neglects sharing such wisdom.

Running a blog is not only a great place to develop thought leadership but having your professionals remain active on places like X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and other platforms can also humanize your brand. When a co-founder of a business consistently shares smart insights into the industry, reacting to news, and putting across a highly sharp professional persona, it's hard not to treat that with a sense of authority. Newcomers to the space looking to learn or use those services will no doubt be inspired thanks to those efforts.

In conclusion, being a small company no longer means having lesser chance at success. With the internet leveling the playing field, you can make a stronger impression with the strategies mentioned above.


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