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Why you should stop using spreadsheets for everything and use specialized software

posted Tuesday Nov 14, 2023 by Noel Arcallana

We've all probably been guilty of relying a bit too much on spreadsheets. Whether you're an avid Microsoft Excel user or a Google Sheets purist, spreadsheets are really useful no matter what kind of job or role you have in the workplace. From keeping track of your projects to calculating financials, there are just so many different things you can use a spreadsheet for.

And this becomes even more true when you realize the full potential of these spreadsheet programs. Automatic calculations, complex formulas, and even linking them to other programs and data sources makes them extremely valuable in a wide range of different applications.

But there just comes a point where no matter how powerful your spreadsheets are, there are just better solutions out there.

As things get more complex, you need to look for suitable solutions

Spreadsheets are really powerful, there's no questioning that. But when you start to have too many things in a spreadsheet, it's going to get slow. Working with large volumes of data and having lots of complex calculations in a spreadsheet will just make it slow.

There are better solutions out there for your specific needs. From building software and restaurant programs to customizable customer dashboards, there's just so much purpose-built software out there that you can easily replace your slow and clunky spreadsheet. No matter how niche you think your needs are, there's probably someone out there who has designed a solution just for you.

Sure, spreadsheets can handle some pretty big tasks and they're all you might need. However, when it comes to growing your business and preparing it for a long and prosperous life, you really need to start thinking about scalable solutions that will make it easier for your future employees and managers to work with.

Automation is often a lot easier with specialized software

While spreadsheet programs offer some level of automation, it's hard to compare it with the full-fledged features of specialized software. This is because there's a limit to the scope of what automation tools can do in a spreadsheet.

Designing these automated functions and tools is also much easier when you use specialized software. Spreadsheets can run code to some extent and compute really large and complex things, but it's just so much more convenient and easier to work with when you use a separate program.

Spreadsheets will always have their place in a business

It's not about getting rid of spreadsheets completely, but more about understanding the power and scalability of full-fledged software. There are so many tools out there that can simplify processes, improve collaboration, and even be more secure than just using spreadsheets. There are more fail-safes, more backups, and more chances to integrate new tools and features into the workflow.

Spreadsheets will always have their place in a business, but you need to realize that there will come a time where you have to move on for the sake of growing your business. Spreadsheets are fantastic these days, but you need to consider the power of specialized programs, too.


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