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Personal health gadgets that will change your life

posted Saturday Nov 26, 2022 by Contributor

When we think about personal technology we often think about gadgets that are designed to entertain us like phones and tablets or gadgets that are designed to make working life easier like triple-screen computer monitors and productivity apps, but these days, gadgets are just as likely to be designed with your health in mind.

With that being the case let's take a look at some of the best home health gadgets that could change your life right now.

Smart water bottles

Drinking water is probably something you think you do not need any help with, but these CrazyCap smart self-cleaning water bottles from Waatr are sure to change your mind. The bottle will use its inbuilt UV-C LED light to clear itself once every two hours so that your water is always fresh and safe to drink. It also features a water purification mode that is useful when you do not have access to the best drinking water too.

If you've already got a water bottle that you love, there's good news for you, too! CrazyCap also makes available a cap that will likely fit on your existing water bottle, bringing you all of the benefits of the system while allowing you to use the bottle you got at your last marathon.

Sanitizing travel wands

Handheld sanitizing wands are now readily available, which is good news for everyone who wants to avoid getting colds, flu and other viruses in the winter. Monos CleanPod UVC Sterilizer will kill 99.9 percent of bacteria on any surface it is waved over, and you can even use it to sanitize gadgets like your phone or your computer keyboard for a far healthier environment.

Smart toothbrushes

You could be forgiven for thinking that toothbrushes are the most basic of health and hygiene tools you can buy, but not anymore, toothbrushes have gone smart. In 2022, when you can get a custom teeth whitening kit in the post, it should not be surprising that you can also buy toothbrushes that will time your brushing, use sense technology to ensure you are not brushing too hard, and much more besides. If oral hygiene if your thing, then a smart toothbrush will change your life.

Metabolism trackers

The Lumen metabolism tracker could revolutionize the way you eat and lose weight, it is a portable metabolism tracker that you can connect to your phone to give you an accurate reading at any time, It can tell you if your body is currently burning fats or carbs so you can make smart decisions about what you eat, how you workout and much more besides, and all by simply breathing into the Lumen! Workouts and weight loss just got a whole lot easier! We liked it so much it became our Best of CES 2020 Pick!

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for depression

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation headbands like Flow have been shown to have a positive impact on treating depression and can be just as, if not more effective than antidepressants alone. tDCS devices come in the form of Bluetooth-connected headbands which will emit an electric current into the scalp in order to stimulate the brain and increase the rate of firing neurons, which has been found to boost mood, and it is pretty much painless too.

If you want to stay fit, healthy and happy, then these gadgets are sure to change your life.


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