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Using your computers for increased productivity

posted Wednesday Oct 26, 2022 by Contributor

You may or may not have thought of using your computers for increased productivity. But essentially, that is their core function. Like AI, computers are designed to assist with efficiency, speed, and repetitive tasks. With a well-implemented network, your office life will become much easier and more productive. But you should also train your employees to use computers well.

Use the Right Operating Systems

You can choose from many different operating systems for your business. Some are better than others for certain tasks, and others are even free. For example, using Linux instead of Windows is a good way to save money. But you should also be careful when you upgrade. You will get new features, but if you have an Apple computer, for example, you may need to switch from Ventura to Monterey because the older hardware can't handle the increased demand.

Manage Network Computers for Increased Productivity

Just like at home, your office network has many benefits that make work easier. For example, file sharing makes it easy for users to share data with each other. So, if you store data on other connected devices, you can get to it from afar. With networked access to a single database, your business can save time and avoid mistakes and become more efficient. And because of that, staff can handle questions faster and provide a better service overall for your clients.

Schedule Updates Out of Hours

Updates are necessary and important if you want your computers to run at their best, fix security holes, and add new features. But they often get in the way of work because they do it when you need your devices. If your machines aren't very powerful, updates can slow them down a lot and make it hard to work. But you can set up your computers to update when no one is around, like after midnight when the office is probably empty. Therefore reducing any interference.

Take Advantage of the Many Apps Available

There is no limit to apps these days. From your smartphone to the largest networks, there is something that can do jobs better or help with productivity. Modern examples are collaboration apps. Collaboration is key these days, and some of the from app stores include:

  • Calendar: excellent for planning and easily integrates into other apps.
  • Trello: among the best professional collaboration tools across an office.
  • Todoist: makes task management easier and simple across your teams.
  • Airtable: good for project management and uses a familiar spreadsheet interface.
  • Monday: the most powerful app for large-scale project management.

Any of these apps will be of great help to you and your business. However, you must also learn to use them well and train your employees. Some of them aren't as straightforward as others. However, once you master them, they will become a core part of your day-to-day operations.

Get the Office on the Same Page

Standardizing software across your business is one of the easiest and most effective ways that computers can help your business be more productive. Standardization has a number of benefits that will make your business more productive, make the most of your time at work, and save money. Suppose you have two offices that use different programs to generate reports. In that case, the data needs to be reformatted so each office can read the other's data.

Buy New Computers for Increased Productivity

Of course, most problems can be fixed by buying new computers. Even if you don't, you should do this every few years to keep your hardware and software from becoming outdated. But most new computers also have updated operating systems with better tools for communication, security, and working together. So, you should plan to spend money on new computers and take into account any downtime an office upgrade is likely to cause, as it can take a while.

Set Up a Dedicated Video Call Area

Video calling has become a normal part of business life in most places today. Video conferencing increases productivity, cuts down on travel costs and helps people work together as a whole. Video conferencing is helpful because it lets you get all these benefits without constantly traveling for face-to-face communication. Since private video calling is now an expected part of doing business in the 21st century, you need to set aside a space for it.


Using your computers for increased productivity is pretty much the best way to incorporate them into your business. But first, you need to consider the operating system you will use. Also, install collaboration and management apps, and reduce costs with a remote video calling area.


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