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Facebook Brings 2 Million Users to Xbox Live

posted Sunday Nov 29, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

Facebook Brings 2 Million Users to Xbox Live

Ever since E3, Microsoft has been strongly pushing the Xbox 360 to be the center of the family's entertainment. Well, with the addition of Facebook, last.fm, Twitter and the Zune Marketplace, it seems like they may very well be on their way.

The success and buzz of the Beta version of the new Xbox features allowed Microsoft to release the enhancements a little earlier to the public. The numbers came in last week and amounted to a staggering two million users logging on to the Facebook feature via Live! Even more astonishing, half of a million accounts were activated within the first 24 hours of the public launch. Impressive, eh?

Numbers were not released for the other three additions, but I'm sure Microsoft will be boasting about those when they post their Q4 numbers. Did you sign up to the new features?


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