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Today Show's Gift Guide Review

posted Friday Dec 17, 2021 by PLUGHITZ Live Staff

Known for making guides for many different product categories and events, the Today Show finally published their gift guide for this year's holidays. Want to know which items are featured here? Keep reading.

We'll go through worthy products and others you might want to give a second thought. Also, we'll provide insights and real opinions about the items, so you don't find yourself in a panic when it comes to choosing which gifts fit your budget.

This brief review covers items like the LG Speaker XBOOM Bluetooth Speaker, Bedside smartphone vase and charger, HidrateSpark PRO, STM Dux Plus for Apple iPad, the Apple AirPods Pro, Xbox Series S, and the Wristcam Modular Camera Smartband for Apple Watch.

Today Show's Gift Selection

Take a look at the Today Show's product selection for this year's holidays.


LG Speaker XBOOM Bluetooth Speaker

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This speaker is pretty decent for its price (under $50). Still, there are some other great options like the Altec Lansing Mini LifeJacket, which tends to be a better deal most of the time. Purchase it here.

HidrateSpark PRO

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It's a great choice for outdoorsy people; they'd truly enjoy it. Buy yours here.

Apple AirPods Pro

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If you or the one receiving the gift are Apple fans, it's a great option, although other good options can fit your budget (and your expectations). Get yours here.

Xbox Series S

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It's an easier model to find, but the Xbox Series X is a greater choice if a console is what you're looking for. Purchase your Xbox here.

Not Recommended

STM Dux Plus for Apple iPad

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It's too pricey for a generic case you can find and customize in even a small case store. See the product here.

Wristcam Modular Camera Smartband for Apple Watch

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A stalker camera will never be the best option. You probably don't even want to toy with the idea; just avoid it. Read more about it here.

PhotoSpring 10 Frame

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It's hard to believe that this product is still on the market, to be honest. See it here.

PLUGHITZ Live: Reliable Content, Reliable Reviews

Find the whole list separated into sections according to the price of the products at PLUGHITZ Live's show, PLUGHITZ Live Presents; in our complete blind reaction lead by Scott Ertz and Allante Sparks, you'd find options under $50, $100, and $200 bucks, and over those prices too.

Don't miss out on any of these possible gifts!

You'll surely find something that meets expectations and your budget in the Today Show's gift guide. Our hosts provide an extended and detailed opinion of each product that will definitely help you find the right one! Make informed decisions and choose the perfect gifts for your loved ones!



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