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BuzzFeed's Holiday Gift Guide For 2021

posted Friday Dec 17, 2021 by PLUGHITZ Live Staff

This year there's no excuse not to get yourself or someone you love an amazing present! BuzzFeed provided us with their gift guide. In this piece, you'll find some of the products that stood out and a brief review of them.

Take a look at the trendiest items for these special dates and get your wallet ready! You'll find products like the light-up word clock, the lightsaber chopsticks, a sleeping eye mask, fidget rings, chicken nugget-inspired soaps, an adult coloring book, and a starry night stake. Interested? Keep reading!

BuzzFeed's List

Adjust your seatbelts, and let's get started with what we recommend and what's a hard pass!


Chicken Nugget Inspired Soaps

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It's a fun way to make the little ones wash their hands and play around in the bathtub. It would be something to point out if you take them to work too! You can purchase them here.

Chalkboard Ceramic Mug

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Fun and customizable for everyone that knows how to hold a mug properly. Sublimation in mugs is so yesterday. Get it here.

Adult Coloring Book

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It may not seem useful, but it's a great option to just take a breath and do something out of the ordinary. It has a great appeal for adults, differentiating it from kids' coloring books. Get them here.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

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These chopsticks definitely aren't a disappointment. When you see them in person, you'll see that your money was worth spending. It's a fun way to eat your favorite takeout - and you can also collect them! Get yours here.

Not Recommended

Scratch-Off Sticky Notes

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A pretty and fun version of the neon sticky notes we're used to. They can be a good option, but they're nothing new. See them here.

Light-Up Word Clock

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If you, or your loved one, like aesthetic pieces, this can be a good choice. However, the white color that lights the words isn't bright enough to distinguish them from the others, making this clock hard to read. See the product here.

PLUGHITZ Live Presents, The Trendiest Product Reviews On The Net

At PLUGHITZ Live's show, PLUGHITZ Live Presents, you can find everything you need to know about the products mentioned above and even more by tuning in with Scott Ertz and Allante Sparks. Our hosts provide their unique take on these products listed by BuzzFeed, giving you a truthful insight.

In the complete review, you'll find more products the original BuzzFeed gift guide mentioned, like the rotating timer, toothpaste cap, cheeky candle, and a coffee mug warmer. Don't miss out on any details, and start filling your wish list!



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