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Toy Insider's Gift Guide For 2021

posted Friday Dec 17, 2021 by PLUGHITZ Live Staff

It's the holiday season, and Toy Insider has already made its gift guide available, but are these products worth it?

From plushies and Tamagotchis to pinball machines, this guide has a little bit of everything. Take a glance at the things you can gift, ask for, or avoid here. Christmas has never felt this exciting! Read about the gift guide and find a review of it below. We aim to provide trustworthy content with honest thoughts from consumers as well.

The Products

They may not be precisely part of the tech world, but these products solidify fun! Here are the ones Toy Insider featured on their guide, based on what we recommend or not.


Among Us 16-inch Super Soft Plush

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This is expected to be popular, for sure. The game was a surprise during lockdown when it had its boom. Everyone enjoyed the "who's the killer" narrative, and now, the plush will surely impact the market. Find this product here.

Artie Max

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This is an educational and artsy robot that's programmable. Although it's a little pricey ($109.99), it may be worth it if you can give it a proper use. You can purchase this product here.

Battlebots Arena Max

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The new arena design is 50 percent bigger than before, with an interlocking floor tile assembly, greater combat space, and new interactive elements. Although this product would've been a hit 10 years ago, it's a great flashback for adults, and it can become a favorite for children today. Get your Battlebots Arena Max here.

Game Builder Garage

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Nintendo's Game Builder Garage seems pretty solid. It's a game that allows you to build your own video game for Nintendo Switch and comprehend the ABC of visual programming in a fun way. Find your Game Builder Garage here.

Mario Party Superstars

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Also, a big hit from Nintendo, this version of Mario Party could be the best they've put out in decades! It's truly phenomenal and definitely worth buying. Purchase Mario Party Superstars here.

Smartivity Pinball Machine

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This is an interesting product. It includes everything you'll need to build a working pinball machine. It'll surely be something you can show off. Get this product here.

Not Recommended

Tamagotchi Pix

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Tamagotchi is back with a new generation! Although, you'd probably regret this purchase. Get it here.

Coding Charms, 15 Science Experiments, Coding for Kids

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This product is a bit confusing since it claims to be about coding; however, it appears to be just a crafting toy. It's supposed to teach coding while you make keychains - a first. Learn more here.

Tiny TV Classics

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This product seems a bit unnecessary; think about it: a TV with clips of your favorite shows, the ones you can easily find on streaming platforms. Learn more about it here.

Find The Whole Review At PLUGHITZ Live

If the list above isn't enough and you want to know the rest of the options, we're glad to redirect you to the place where you can find the entire guide and a great review: PLUGHITZ Live Presents. Get everything you need to know about Toy Insider's gift guide!

Find additional items like Tetris, Titanic Wrebbit 3d Jigsaw Puzzle, Vex Robotics Excavator By Hexbug, Nerf Elite 2.0 Flipshots Flip-32, and more here. Don't miss out on any of these!



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