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Toyota... In... Space!!!

posted Sunday Nov 22, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

Toyota... In... Space!!!

Some new advances may be occurring in the space exploration field in Japan. At a meeting this week, titled "Realization of Moon Exploration Using Advanced Robots by 2020," a robot was announced. The only problem is they did not specify what it will be used for.

The robot can operate for 7 hours, weighs 55 kg, including battery, and consumes power at 0.4kW. It also possesses a solar battery, internal status displayed on the chest, and has springs in legs that allows it to jump, along with some other pretty cool features.

The robot was created by Toyota and is expected to actually be able to step foot on the moon. Although the robot may not be used until 2020, we hope to see where Toyota plans to go with space!


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