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Technology Has Hit a Whole New Level of Creativity in 2009

posted Friday Nov 20, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

Technology Has Hit a Whole New Level of Creativity in 2009

2009 has been a pretty newsworthy year, not only for events like the Kanye incident, but also for the epic creativity occurring in the tech world. Inventors this past year have come up with some pretty interesting inventions, to say the least.

Well, B. Cole may have a chance to actually play video games with this invention we came across. The researchers at MIT have discovered a partial solution to blindness, and no, it's not lasik surgery. The solution? A tiny microchip. Although those who use this chip wont have perfect 20/20 vision, it will allow them limited sight. A pair of special glasses with a built in camera will send the image appearing in front of them to the chip allowing the blind to potentially make out faces and even find their way around a room clearly. The only down side, it may be a few more years before they are ready to be tested by people, but a step in the right direction huh? Now we just need something for that darn diabetes...

This one is simply ingenious: foldable speakers.Yes, we've all seen have portable speakers, but lugging those around is a pain and they often take up a lot of space. So to resolve this problem, OrigAudio decided to create self-powered, 1-watt speakers made of heavy-duty recycled paper, that are assembled simply by folding the paper into a 3-inch cube. A kindergartner could do it! To make it even more consumer friendly, it collapses to a flat piece of paper to fit in any bag when travelling. Pretty nifty, especially at only $16 a pair!

Seems like everything is going 3D these days, from movies to TV shows! But a digital camera? Fujifilm has created a digital camera that possesses two lenses the same distance apart as the human eyes, allowing two shots to be taken from different angles and combined into a 3D image. The camera, the FinePix Real 3D W1, has the potential to inspire a whole new outlook on photos...literally.

And of course, the highly anticipated Project Natal is one of the amazing inventions we had to mention. After all, it is one of the biggest things to hit the gaming industry in years. The creativity and innovation of these creators is astounding!


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