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U.N. Gives Micro USB the OK

posted Sunday Oct 25, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

U.N. Gives Micro USB the OK

Finally, a standard for phone chargers has been decided, thanks to the International Telecommunication Union, a branch of the UN. The universal charger will eventually work with every phone. This will be a huge relief to many people all over the world. For example forget your charger while travelling? Well, no more hassle trying to find the exact replicate to fit into your phone, every charger will be identical.

What's the reason for this you may ask? The International Telecommunication Union is enforcing this standard in an effect to eliminate the large amount of unnecessary e-waste being produced.

Manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, and Motorola and providers AT&T and T-mobile all appear to fully support the Universal Charging Solution. Why wouldn't they? This can be a great thing for both consumers and manufacturers. It seems as if both the GSM Association (who have been working on a universal charger) and the ITU agree on that the MicroUSB should be the required charger opposed to the MiniUSB.

This standard should have been enforced much earlier! 51,000 tons of waste could have been salvaged if this was effective today. After all, all chargers do exactly the same thing... charge your phone. Somebody finally came to their senses and set a standard for a charger compatible with every phone on the market, it's about time!


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