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Black Hole Created on Earth, Gas Holes Erupt

posted Sunday Oct 25, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

Black Hole Created on Earth, Gas Holes Erupt

Have you ever wanted something that can actually suck in the light that surrounds you? Don't lie, you know you've at least thought about it. For the first time ever, an electromagnetic black hole has been created on Earth.

Evgenii Narimanov and Alexander Kildishev of Purdue University published a paper in early 2009 that suggested a design for a table-top black hole that would be able to trap surrounding light. By imitating the properties of a cosmological black hole, they created the first man made black hole. It included many characteristics of an actual black hole, like a massive amount of gravity that bends the surrounding space-time, which in turn causes nearby radiation to follow the warped space-time and spiral inwards.

This may be a new break in creating electricity! Operating at microwave frequencies, it has the potential to harvest solar energy and even trap visible light.

This new discovery is a first for researchers. It seems like everyone is determined to find a new way to "go green!"

*Image courtesy of the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy


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