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iDevice Doesn't. Droid Does!

posted Sunday Oct 18, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

iDevice Doesn't. Droid Does!

I was watching my beloved Yankees win in extra innings last night and saw this interesting new commercial by Verizon. They are further adding onto their rivalry with AT&T and really putting the iDevice, as they call it, on blast. I've seen the "there's a map for that" ad, but this one really takes the cake!

Check out the website to see a list of things that the iDoesn't along with a cool animation and major hype of the Android platform.

This makes me feel good for two ways. Android is coming in a big way to Verizon, and Android is always welcome on the CDMA side of the spectrum. And this is FINALLY going to kill all the rumors of iPhone coming to Verzion, regardless of how stupid some of the logic is behind it!

I had to stop and think and compile an extended version, if you will, of things the iDoesn't do. Check them out after the break.


Replaceable Battery

Expandable Memory

Physical Keyboard


3rd Party Background Apps

One Day Battery Life

Music Management That's Not iTunes

Open Development

Front Facing Camera




File Manager

That's a quick list, and I'm sure there's more, but hey, make sure you still check out the awesomely cool MacBook Pros that Apple has for sale!


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