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Nyko's Attempt at a Wiimote for Your Butt

posted Sunday Oct 18, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

Nyko's Attempt at a Wiimote for Your Butt

I know it's the NINTENDO Wii, but Nintendo isn't the only one to make controllers for this console. Nyko Technologies, which happen to be the premier video game accessories manufacturer, also have a controller compatible with the Wii, the Wii wand, which was previously available exclusively in white. This week, however, Nyko announced that it will be releasing this Wand in four exciting new colors: pink, blue, black, and purple.

Allowing customer access to more options to optimize their game play, the Marketing Director, Chris Arbogast, thought this was the right time to release the new Wands, stating,

We're rolling out new colors for the Wand just in time for the holidays.

Each Wand comes standard with matching buttons, aside from the black one, possessing a red "A" button to give the Wand a more appealing look. The Wands also include a silicone jacket to match, which may not be necessary, seeing as this product features the same quality and durability as the previous white one. All are compatible with the console, using Nyko's Trans-Port technology.

These Wands will be available at Walmart (I know it's like forcing yourself to go to the dentist to enter one of their stores), but at only $29.99 it's a great gift for the holidays!


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