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Two-tone Only for Car Paint? GameStop Disagrees

posted Saturday Oct 17, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

Two-tone Only for Car Paint? GameStop Disagrees

Let's give Microsoft a hand for making an attempt at being creative here. Let's forget the fact that the attempt may not be the most aesthetic, and let's focus on the fact that this limited edition Xbox 360 controller, in a two-tone black and red, may actually be a hit with certain people.

GameStop has teamed up with Microsoft to exclusively launch this in there own stores, bundled with a Play and Charge Kit, for an MSRP of $69.99. So pony up the extra penny and make some sense in your wireless experience!

I will give them some credit. It is a step above the plain colors, and much better than any skin you can add to the controller, which I think makes the controllers less playable.

The bundle is going to hit stores in over sixteen countries, but not in the UK. Weird.


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