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AT&T Launches Landline Service to Send and Receive Texts from Landline Numbers

posted Sunday Feb 21, 2016 by Nicholas DiMeo

AT&T Launches Landline Service to Send and Receive Texts from Landline Numbers

Have you ever wanted to send a text message from your business landline number? How about wanting to contact a business via text who only had a landline? AT&T is looking to solve that problem with its new Landline Texting service that was announced this week.

AT&T has launched a new service that allows business and government agencies to send and receive text messages from any landline or toll-free number. AT&T has developed an app that can be used via web, mobile or desktop that allows users to log in to the service to view those texts, with no additional equipment needed to make it work.

A perfect use case for this scenario would be for any company that has lots of inbound calls about status updates or retail businesses that want to send out exclusive offers to its userbase without purchasing an additional shortcode number. The Landline Service makes AT&T the first of the big carriers to offer this feature.

AT&T's director of Big Data and Advanced Solutions, Igor Glubochansky, said,

Businesses often waste time playing phone tag with customers just to get simple information. This service helps companies reduce calls, voicemails, and back-and-forth with clients. They can also manage several text chats at once rather than spending time talking to one person.

With less and less customers wanting to wait on hold to speak with someone who would typically give out a scripted response, the service will allow US companies the ability to quickly communicate with their consumers. A Pew Research Center study from 2014 said that over 80 percent of cell phone users send and receive texts, and that 64 percent of users would prefer to text a business with a simply inquiry.

AT&T said that those interested in the service simply have to register their toll-free or other landline number with the carrier. That will then allow the entity to create a user profile, which will allow web access to the account and the Landline Service.


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