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Sprint CEO Hesse: Phone Exclusivity "a Fair Question"

posted Saturday Sep 26, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

Sprint CEO Hesse: Phone Exclusivity

Head of Sprint Nextel Corporation, Dan Hesse, has changed his mind. Originally against the idea, he now believes that phone exclusivity limits may not be such a bad thing.

Thursday, the Sprint Chief Executive stated that it is fair for the United States government to regulate whether a handset can be exclusive on a particular network. But how long will each exclusivity period be, is the question on every one's mind?

Hesse believes that exclusive carrier deals with handset vendors are crucial in drawing new customers and promoting competition in the mobile industry, but does think there should be a time limit on it. He, presumably along with most other competitors, hopes to lose less contract customers than last year, and having the latest, greatest product on the market is critical. In the upcoming months, we will see if more regulation is actually more beneficial to corporations like Sprint.


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