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Epic Games Released Over $3 Million in Assets from Infinity Blade Franchise

posted Sunday Sep 13, 2015 by Nicholas DiMeo

Do you like Epic Games? Do you like the Infinity Blade series? Do you like that Infinity Blade III is now free? Of course you do! And since you do, you will probably also love that over $3 million in art and sound design have now been released for free to the public for us to play around with!

Dubbed the Infinity Blade Collection, it is a compilation of assets from many of the franchise's games. More importantly, most of it is from Infinity Blade: Dungeons, which was a game that never saw the light of day and was cancelled in 2013. Luckily for die hard fans, we can now experience the game, or at least what the game would've looked and felt like.

Inside the collection is the following:

  • Infinity Blade: Grass Lands is the earthy citadel adorned with stone set pieces and beautiful props.
  • Infinity Blade: Ice Lands is the wintery fort set deep within a glacial enclave.
  • Infinity Blade: Fire Lands is the radiant castle interior laced with unforgiving paths, dramatic props and flowing lava.
  • Infinity Blade: Warriors includes loads of assets for crafting fierce heroes.
  • Infinity Blade: Adversaries has even more content for a making wide variety of rivals.
  • Infinity Blade: Effects gives you visual effects ranging from fire and smoke to lightning and magical reactions.
  • Infinity Blade: Sounds includes thousands of raw audio files and sound cues.
  • Infinity Blade: Weapons presents a vast array of melee weaponry, including never-before-seen swords and axes and also a few Infinity Blade fan favorites.

On top of all of that, there is also an added rubber chickens pack and the epic (no pun intended) Cardboard Hero armor set. All of this content will work within Unreal Engine 4, which was released for free to developers earlier this year. Epic Games you can "Use it (the content) in any Unreal Engine 4 project, no strings attached (it just needs to be in UE4, see info below). We succeed when you succeed." There is no word yet on if you can customize the assets or create your own based off of their content.

And while the content is free, there is an important note for developers of games using the Unreal Engine. Epic Games still expects those devs to kick over 5% of total gross revenue after the game amasses $3,000. That fee is per product, per quarter.


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