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Rob McElhenney Announced as Minecraft Movie's Director

posted Sunday Jul 26, 2015 by Nicholas DiMeo

Rob McElhenney Announced as Minecraft Movie's Director

Ever since Microsoft's acquisition of Mojang, the creators of MineCraft, the once indie game studio has seen more success than it ever had before. Earlier this month the company revealed details behind Minecraft: Story Mode. But that's not the only news involving Minecraft things this month as it would seem. The highly-anticipated Minecraft movie is also in the works, and the team producing it has found their director this week.

There isn't much to the news, but we now know that Mojang has brought on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's creator and lead actor, Rob McElhenney, to take on the role of director for the upcoming movie. He will now be tasked with taking the ridiculously popular game and crafting it into a film. This is indeed no small task.

Mojang made the announcement by releasing a photo of the Always Sunny star brandishing a sword while in attendance at MineCon earlier this month. Now, while I haven't seen the series, critics have been high on McElhenney and his ability. For me, I'm just happy that the movie is finally getting going and am looking forward to seeing how this game adapts to the big screen and what direction it'll take.


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