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Lizard Squad Targets H1Z1, Planetside, Daybreak CEO and Website

posted Sunday Jul 12, 2015 by Nicholas DiMeo

Lizard Squad Targets H1Z1, Planetside, Daybreak CEO and Website

Lizard Squad was at it again this week. The group responsible for Xbox server takedowns during Christmas and the PlayStation Network outage in November decided to take aim at Daybreak studios, developers behind the hit games Planetside and H1Z1.

Last year, Lizard Squad had targeted a plane that had CEO of Daybreak John Smedley on board. The person behind the bomb threat, Julius Kivimaki, was simply sentenced to two years of a Finnish version of probation. Kivimaki also led a group that had the CEO "swatted" and had 50 fake credit applications submitted in his name. The group even went as far as to file false tax returns under his name.

Lizard Squad has kept Daybreak in their sights, and has now attacked the H1Z1 servers. This had led to Smedley going public to say he is going to "go after" the group and the persons involved and make sure they are punished as harshly as possible. The H1Z1 servers were pretty much unplayable all week and it continued through the weekend, to the point where Daybreak has to post about the DDoS attacks in order to make gamers aware of what's been going on.

We are experiencing issues again which may result in lag, disconnects, or inability to access games, forums, or websites. The team is aware.

Planetside 2 has practically been unreachable since Thursday as well. Lizard Squad's Twitter account has pinned a tweet to its timeline that simply read, "H1Z1 #offline #lizardsquad." The studio's website and most recent zombie survival title are slowly coming back online, but the experience is very sluggish for a good portion of its community.

We've talked about this before and the general consensus by most people is that this type of bored hacker is the worst thing for any community, especially when there's no point behind the attack or no "justice" being served of any type. Hopefully more of the infamous squad gets taken down before this holiday season.


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