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Spotify Says No to Gaming, Yes to Podcasts and Videos

posted Sunday Jun 7, 2015 by Nicholas DiMeo

Spotify Says No to Gaming, Yes to Podcasts and Videos

Spotify has had quite a few contenders lately. Most notably, Jay-Z's high-quality music-streaming service Tidal has taken a shot at the king, but has missed the mark. To remain relevant, Spotify has added podcasting support for both audio and video, and has also added music videos to its offerings as well. Naturally, given the run the company has been on, people speculated if Spotify would expand into other markets as well, like the gaming space. Depending on how you feel about the situation, this could be good or bad news, as the company has said that it will not be looking into gaming on its current platform.

A Spotify spokesperson said in an interview,

It's all about the right content for different people and different parts of your day - expanding on music content to include podcasts and video. Games are not part of this.

There you go. If you were looking for an OnLive alternative, this isn't where you're going to find it. However, something I've speculated Spotify would do in the near future was get involved in video games a different way. Instead of the sometimes very poor choices studios make for their in-game soundtracks, Spotify could integrate into games and offer up gamers to pick their own playlists to use, with the streaming service paying out royalties to the artists the gamers choose to listen to. Everyone would win here, except Taylor Swift.

So while this wasn't a ground-breaking newsbreak, it is definitely news worthy, considering Spotify's rapid expansion as of late. If the company does decide to get involved in the gaming world, it could really set a new trend for music integration with games.


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