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Ford Prepares New Sync 3 for Summer Launch

posted Sunday Jun 7, 2015 by Nicholas DiMeo

Ford Prepares New Sync 3 for Summer Launch

After dropping Microsoft's services and switching over to a BlackBerry QNX-based system, there was a lot of concern that Ford would be taking a step backwards. However this summer could be a bright moment for Ford, as the automaker looks to launch Sync 3 in both their new Fiesta and Escape models by August.

New voice recognition, snappier response time and the addition of a touch-screen will all accompany an overhauled operating system for the Sync 3. This is much needed after the breakup of an eight year relationship with Microsoft, as Ford has now fully invested in QNX.

Popular apps are already available in Sync, and will also be available in Sync 3, like Spotify, Pandora and more. Via AppLink, users can now search an even broader list of apps to play through Sync, thanks to integrations with both the Android and iOS platforms. Keeping in the iPhone realm, Sync 3 also fully supports Siri, however the vehicle will not play nice with Apple CarPlay. For what it's worth, it won't work with Android Auto, either, however Ford says it will try to integrate with both of those services in the future.

The new Sync 3 is a far step above the old Sync systems, too, as the firmware can now update itself via Wi-Fi courtesy of your own home. Simply sitting in the driveway or garage should have enough signal strength for the car to download what it needs to. Additional safety features have been upgraded as well. Ford's 911 Assist can pass along pertinent info about your emergency call, such as airbag deployment, how many seat belts were fastened and where the vehicle was impacted in a collision.

Ford also says that Sync 3 will end up in all new vehicles by the end of 2016. Lincoln vehicles should also see the new system in the coming months.


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