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Sony Requests That You "Put Your Ears In Control"

posted Sunday Sep 20, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

Sony Requests That You "Put Your Ears In Control"

I was browsing through some forums the other day and stumbled across a Sony Ericsson link. Needless to say that whenever Sony is doing something that the forum freaks are ranting about, I'm going to investigate!

Upon clicking, there was a strange man sipping his Slurpee (where's my royalties, 7-11?) and apparently listening to something on a pair of headphones. Above him was a blue background with text in it that said that Sony was preparing something revolutionary in terms of music with an accessory and to check back on September 21st. Interesting, I thought, as I bookmarked it for later reference.

Checking back today showed that Sony posted a new message above the creeper. "There has been fantastic interest in our announcement on the 21st of September! Don't forget to sign up for the webcast where we will tell you more about a new innovative accessory that will change the way you listen to music!"

You can register for the webcast here.

Being a producer and a radio host, I am really curious as to what Sony has up their sleeve, aren't you?


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