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80GB GameBoy

posted Sunday Sep 13, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

80GB GameBoy

Yes, we're taking it back to the old school. This is something I ran across that I just have to share with everyone. A user on one of the thousands of gaming forums by the name of _n3o_ decided one day that he needed a new, cool looking case for his 80GB SATA drive.

So, instead of letting the old consoles that he owned collect dust on a shelf in his back closet, he decided to break out the GameBoy, gut it, remove the reflective film under the screen, print a modified background to make it look like it's "playing" the HDD, and he's got a totally badass looking external hard drive! Now that my friends is a way to make use of old technology! And check out the back of this thing!

Is it just me? Or would you like to learn how to do this to a GameGear?


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