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New iPod Nano: Now With Zune Features!

posted Saturday Sep 12, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

New iPod Nano: Now With Zune Features!

It's that time of year again! Apple has produced their new line of iPod Nanos. Not only can you listen to your favorite music, but you can also download your favorite videos, pictures, and TV shows. Once again this iPod Nano features the Genius Mixes, which analyzes the song you are listening to and compiles a playlist for you based on the genre and BMP.

But you may wonder, what makes this iPod better than the last Nano? Well, do you remember when Apple bought millions of cameras and we weren't sure why? Here's your answer! This is the first iPod to contain a camera inside the equipment. You can take photos and bring them with you everywhere, in a slim, convenient device. And the camera also films video!

A larger screen certainly has consumers excited, measuring at 2.2 inches, and making it easier to view album work and music videos. To measure up with the ZuneHD, Apple now has FM radio and live pause, and VoiceOver to help guide you through you music without even seeing the screen. A really cool feature is that the iPod Nano can record voice memos. There's a built in microphone to assist you in recording lectures for class or just to keep track of your thoughts.

If you like to exercise, this is the gadget for you. With the pedometer, to measure every step you take and Nike shoes that are compatible with your iPod, there's no better way to get in shape.

Apple has also made iTunes easier to organize and share your music. In nine dazzling colors Apple has certainly outdone themselves with this new iPod Nano!


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