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Rdio Offers Up Totally Free Listening for Web Users

posted Sunday Jan 19, 2014 by Nicholas DiMeo

Rdio Offers Up Totally Free Listening for Web Users

If you thought that Spotify going free for mobile and tablets and Beats getting ready to enter the music-streaming space were both pretty big deals, Rdio hopes you didn't forget that they were doing big things, too. Following its announcement from October to offer free radio iOS and Android, this week Rdio has looked to put the final nail into the Pandora coffin by offering up free music for the web.

Already launched, Rdio will open up its 20 million songs to anyone who can access the Internet, for free. Rdio said it is also including new in-stream messaging to the service for those using the free version. "These new ads are short and sweet," Rdio said in the blog post, and those streaming music for free will hear things like new features, messages from partners and reminders of exclusive content to Rdio.

This is an improvement over the former subscription plan of $9.99 per month for unlimited listening, with a free trial that limited you to either six months or a certain duration of listening, whichever came first. There are still some limitations to consider if you're looking to sign up for the totally free experience. First, those listening for free won't be able to set their own playlists or browse via specific artists or songs. Instead you'll have the option of selecting to a huge list of presets. In comparison, Spotify allows free music to those on tablets, with ads, but those users can't save music for listening when they aren't connected to the Internet.


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