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All You Can Arcade is a Company That Brings You Back in Time with Retro Arcade Games

posted Sunday Aug 18, 2013 by Nicholas DiMeo

All You Can Arcade is a Company That Brings You Back in Time with Retro Arcade Games

Ever wanted to play a round of Pac Man on a real arcade cabinet and thought to yourself, "Man, if I had some sort of rental service that could deliver me a box to play it on, when I wanted to, I'd be all set!"? I know, I've thought this exact same thing at least once a month. Well, there's good news for every single one of us humans out there all thanks to Seth and Timothy Peterson.

The duo formed a company, All You Can Arcade, which is a video game rental service that brings you an arcade machine to your door, regardless of if that door is a home or an office, but it has to be a door in California. For $75 a month, this is the big boy's (nostalgic) edition of Gamefly, and comes with all the same features you'd want in an arcade game rental service.

  • Keep your games as long as you want or pick a different one each month.
  • No delivery or pick up fees
  • Unlimited gaming without breaking your piggy bank. All of our arcade games are set to free play.
  • No late fees or long term commitments, cancel your membership at any time.
  • Wide selection of adventure, racing, sports, shooters and RPG games to choose from.

The Petersons said that if all goes well, they will be looking to expand to the east coast later on this year. Seth Peterson said he's able to find new games for his company simply from browsing the web. The company pays anywhere from $150 to $250 for each unit and has become skilled in "getting them real quick, taking them home and then doing what (they) need to do to get them ready for (their) customers."

It's a lot of fun looking for the bargains, scoring them off Craigslist or eBay or through the Internet forums. Anywhere we can find them.

Currently, All You Can Arcade offers up Ms. Pac Man, Donkey Kong and Tron, to name a few of the hundreds of classics in stock. You can browse their website to see what games are available in your area as well. However, if you feel you own an arcade game that needs to be shared with the world, All You Can Arcade offers up a partner program that allows you to do just that, and you'll reap some benefits along the way, like 75 percent of all the revenue received, provided you do the leg work.

So whether you are a business who wants to bring back some old school feel to your office each month, or if you're simply a home owner that wants to show your kids "how it used to be," All You Can Arcade is a pretty cool service.


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