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Whoa... Beats!

posted Sunday Aug 23, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

We never really think of the music flowing out of our iPods being "poor quality," but what if there was something better? Dr. Dre and HP are teaming to blow the competition away. After all, we have the right to hear our music they way the artist meant it to be heard. The duo, along with Jimmy Iovine and company at Interscope/Geffen/A&M plan to "reinvigorate the entire music ecosystem."

A new brand was created by HP, known as "The beats by Dr. Dre," and with this HP announced that it will release a line of laptops, software, and headsets, according to CNET. Now, $349 may sound outrageous for a headset, but sources assure us that it is certainly worth it.

Some believe that the release will lead to a device duel with Apple, but consumers often forget that the music is not owned by Apple or HP. By believing that, we allow the company to have too much power. "... The plan has all the markings of an attempt to lure away those Apple fans who possess a discerning ear." Consumers should get what they pay for, and this may be the way to accomplish that.

They don't deserve music that is just okay, when it's possible for the music to be great! Plenty of customers are willing to pay big bucks for top notch music, but many also believe they are satisfied with what they already have, like Apple earbuds and songs from iTunes. But are they really satisfied? Until something better is out there, most consumers will be perfectly content with the products they own.


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