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PlayOn Adds Aereo Channel to its Network

posted Sunday Jul 14, 2013 by Nicholas DiMeo

PlayOn Adds Aereo Channel to its Network

After winning their court appeal and then filing a complaint against CBS for repeated lawsuits, Aereo is moving on to bigger and better things. MediaMall Technologies, the company responsible for PlayOn, wanted to get in on the Aereo action and will be placing the video-streaming service onto PlayOn's TV/Cloud-DVR service.

For those who don't know, think of PlayOn to be a media server for all of your movies and shows that you have on your computer. You can then stream all of that content to TVs, smartphones and tablets that you own. You can either pickup PlayOn for $24.99 per year or go with the lifetime subscription option at a reduced cost.

Named the Aereo Channel, Aereo customers will have the ability to stream live shows and watch their saved programs on the PS3, Xbox 360, Google TV, Wii, Wii U and Android devices all through PlayOn. In the future, PlayOn will expand the Aereo channel to all of its supported devices.

Jeff Lawrence, CEO of MediaMall Technologies, spoke about the addition of Aereo.

PlayOn already gives users a simple, easy, and accessible way to watch on-demand movies, TV shows and personal media through their TV and mobile devices. Now, with our new Aereo channel, we can bring users in New York, Boston and Atlanta live local content as well. With Aereo, PlayOn is an even more powerful and comprehensive cable-replacement solution - making it easier than ever for users to cut the cable cord.

A spokesperson for Aereo said that "Aereo has no business relationship with PlayOn." MediaMall added that this is not "taking any revenue away from Aereo" and that this is merely expanding options for Aereo customers to consume their content. Aereo is currently only available on PC and Roku, with the company starting their service up in 24 new markets by the end of the year.


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