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Microsoft Wins Case Against Motorola with the ITC

posted Sunday Jun 2, 2013 by Nicholas DiMeo

Microsoft Wins Case Against Motorola with the ITC

If you've been following our coverage, you'll know we've been keeping you plugged in to what was happening with the whole "Motorola wants to ban the Xbox 360" saga. Back in December there was an update in which the International Trade Commission (ITC) said they would not decide on the matter until next year. Well, next year is now here and we have another update for you; it just happened to slip through the cracks last week because, you know, there was a bunch of other news involving Microsoft happening.

Start up your Xbox 360s and rejoice at the fact that Microsoft has won the case versus Motorola. The ITC has found that Microsoft is not guilty of any sort of patent infringement that Motorola was claiming they were doing. These patents, by the way, were involving the methods in which the 360 handled video transmission and compression, along with several claims on the console's Wi-Fi capabilities. So, as it stands, Microsoft only has to pay Motorola 3.5 cents per Xbox 360 sold, but Google - who owns Motorola - still has to pay Microsoft in upwards of $10 per Android handset sold. I believe this makes Microsoft the clear victor, no matter which way you look at it.

Obviously happy, a Microsoft spokesperson said,

This is a win for Xbox customers and confirms our view that Google had no grounds to block our products.

And, with their tail between their legs, a Motorola rep said,

We're disappointed with this decision and are evaluating our options.


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