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Spotify Finds You New Music with New Discover Tab

posted Sunday Jun 2, 2013 by Nicholas DiMeo

Spotify Finds You New Music with New Discover Tab

When Spotify picked up a second round of funding late last year I knew big things were going to be in store for the music-streaming service, and it wasn't just going to be expanding to eight new markets. Instead, Spotify finally introduced something I've been wanting to see for ages now - a "find new music" feature that isn't the current What's New tab of common Billboard hits.

Six months ago Spotify announced the Discover tab in a press conference but, until this week, nobody saw or heard anything else about. Now, using a better system than what Pandora uses to play you your next track based on what you've "liked," Spotify's Discover software uses your current listening habits, artists and playlists to come up with relevant artists that they think you may be interested it. Further, the service also offers curated content from Tunigo, Pitchfork and Songkick, just to add some more options to your music diet.

Even better, there's an option called Audio Preview, giving you the ability to hear a new track without leaving your place in your current music-listening cycle. Simply click and hold on any play button on any song in the Discover tab and you'll hear said song. Let go of the mouse button and you're right back to where you were. Now, if you don't see all of this yet, don't worry, as this is being rolled out to the web player first, and gradually to mobile and the PC software, so some may get it before others.

Overall, I really like the direction of where Spotify is heading. The company has found the right mix of social to include into its offering, and then has extended the option to listen to music the way you want to, in a very natural and unforced way. The only other competitor that has been able to do that somewhat seamlessly is Xbox Music - and that's simply because you have to get used to not calling it Zune anymore. In the case of Spotify, I'm finally able to have new, and in some cases relatively unknown, artists come right to my screen, without having to search out specific songs and hopefully stumble across some new tunes. Oh, on that note, has anyone else heard of the group RAC? They do some fantastic remixes!


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