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Sprint Rolls Out 4G LTE in Nine New Markets

posted Sunday Mar 10, 2013 by Nicholas DiMeo

Sprint Rolls Out 4G LTE in Nine New Markets

Ever since Sprint announced its move to 4G LTE, a lot of things have been happening with the company. First, Softbank acquired 70% of Sprint, who then turned around and picked up Clearwire, a company they've been financially carrying on their back. However, we've still seen a lack of 4G LTE from the pin drop company. Hopefully, with all of these transactions being finalized, we'll see more in the future, but this week, Sprint announced it's rolling out more of the high-speed network.

Sprint has rolled out 4G LTE in nine new markets, bringing the total number of areas who have the coverage to 67, which is still over 200 less than Verizon's map. Those markets are Altoona, Pa., Asheville, N.C., Columbus, Ind., Elkhart/Goshen, Ind., Hammond, La., La Crosse, Wis., San Juan, Puerto Rico, Statesville, N.C., and Temple, Texas. Bob Azzi, Senior VP of Networks for Sprint, said,

With today's announcement, Sprint is enabling even more customers to sample the power of 4G LTE on their smartphones, tablets and wireless hotspots. The network team continues to build and test the new network across the country, including areas like San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Customers report they are already finding a 4G LTE signal in these places, and we look forward to providing even more reliable access to the data they need with our official launches.

Because of the new markets and expanded high-speed coverage, Sprint is making a push to try and get customers to switch over. Until April 11th, you can save an extra $100 off a Galaxy S II or Galaxy S III.

In part with the newly added 4G LTE, the expected 3G+ enhancements are also underway in the mentioned markets and surrounding areas. Customers in those areas should expect:

  • Faster data speeds to enable instant Web access for news updates, HD viewing and game-playing, quicker video downloads and clearer video chats.
  • Better signal strength when accessing the Web.
  • Fewer dropped calls for peace of mind when talking to friends, family or colleagues.

So, there you have it. Sprint, with the help of Softbank, is making gradual steps to try and get back into the game. They still have the only truly unlimited 4G LTE service available nationwide and, if talks of the potential Windows Phone makes its way over to Sprint, they might have the leverage they need to really compete with Verizon Wireless and AT&T again.

If you'd like to check out Sprint's short clip on the future plans of their network, hit the break.


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