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Apple's Not Havin' The Tablet For Holiday '09

posted Saturday Aug 15, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

Apple's Not Havin' The Tablet For Holiday '09

For many years Apple has held a conference to announce products that will be released in the upcoming months. This year though, Apple is holding an unexpected, second conference and there has been much speculation around what will be announced. The second event has occurred before and was very effective in helping Apple transition from the iPod mini to the iPod nano.

Many believed the reason for this event was relating to the Apple tablet expecting to be released by the holiday season 2009, but these rumors have been put to rest. Apple will be holding an event in September still, but there will be no talk about the Apple tablet. Instead, this conference will be centered around the music. The "reliable sources" who rumored that the conference would be based on the tablet were completely incorrect.

Possible new iPods and a new iTunes format will be the focus of the event. Sources have now stated that the Apple tablet will not be unveiled until at least January 2010. The delay is in hopes of creating more revenue on the product. Apple is expecting to sell about 2 million Apple tablets at around $600.00 each, according to analyst Gene Munster.


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