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3 Year Old Makes You Look Foolish for Thinking Windows 8 is Difficult to Use

posted Sunday Oct 21, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

3 Year Old Makes You Look Foolish for Thinking Windows 8 is Difficult to Use

Microsoft should have launched Windows 8 with the tagline: So easy, a three-year-old could do it. With every PC purchase, you'd save another 15 percent on your car insurance, even. It all makes sense, right?

The tech world has been ablaze ever since Windows 8 was announced, bashing the operating system for one reason or another. Whether it be the removal of a start menu that, minus the quick search feature (which is now your Start Screen), hasn't proved useful since Windows XP, or Gabe Newell claiming that Windows 8 "isn't for gamers," it appears everyone wants to take a shot at the revolutionary operating system. One main reason these tech journalists are quick to fire off a round at Microsoft is because they claim the elderly may not get adjusted to the new user interface. What most do not realize is that the problem is slowly ending, as more and more of the older generations transition into technology or simply refuse to accept the change, because let's face it: people hate change. Microsoft has forced this on us like they did with Windows Vista and everybody eventually accepted. However, nobody seems to point out how simple the OS really is. So simple, in fact, that a three-year-old can actually accomplish ordinary Windows 8 tasks without much coaching.

This is exactly what's happened with YouTuber Adam Derosiers' three-year-old son, Julian. He blazes around the new Windows 8 without much trouble at all. Of course, he gets the occasional coaching from his father, but anyone with a toddler knows that their focus will shift every six seconds or so. Sure enough, however, Julian shows us how to get to the Start Screen, open and close apps, pin them, shrink the size by sliding and much more. He even showed me an easier swipe method of closing apps. How great!

We have the video after the break. This really poses the question: Is Windows 8 really that bad or have we as a whole have given into the Linux-based fruit technology so much that we refuse to accept anything from the competitor, regardless of quality and consistency? Leave your comments below and check out the video.


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